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One of my first posts has to be dedicated to all of the other people out there in the community. There are probably many more blogs than I will list here that have helped me along the way not only learn new things on topics that I needed in day to day work but also provide inspiration on what is actually possible to achieve in Intune.

Blog Description
Michael NiehausAn insanely good resource for Autopilot and imaging
Intune.Training YoutubeOriginally the Steve and Adam show but now some other top people joining it has to be the best series on Intune.
MSEndpointMgr BlogOne of my favorite blogs and the content just gets better. Really pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved around reporting.
Workplace NinjasSite by the same people who bring the Workplace Ninjas Summit. Really hoping this is an in person event next year!
Oliver KieselbachAnother top resource from MVP Oliver
Powers HellA blog from Ben Reader also from Intune.Training who does some crazy things with PowerShell which have helped me out on a few occasions
A Squared DozenBlog from Adam Gross also of Intune.Training which centers a little more on Config Manager but never the less provides a lot of good information
Sysman Squad Another collection of bloggers on this site across a variety of topics related to client management
Byte BenBlog from MVP Ben Whitmore who has now moved over to start blogging on MSEndpointMgr but this blog still contains a lot of goodies to check out
Peter Van Der WoudeAnother MVP this time from the Netherlands and one thing I like about Peters style is the way he shows the perspective from the end users side when showing the results.
Christiaan BrinkhoffA little more focused on AVD (formally WVD) but there is so much carry over into traditional clients too
Desktops in the cloud A YouTube channel containing Christiaan and Dean Cefola which is worth a watch. Also Dean’s Azure training is brilliant too.
Per Larsen Per Larsen also has a lot of useful information in his blog here
Martin BengtssonA blog by Martin Bengtsson which is updated regularly and is relevant
David SeguraLess of a blog and more of an entire suite of tools by David Segura, I’ve not managed to try them all but how some of it is achieved especially the OSDCloud seems like magic at times
Timmy IT Another good blog from Timmy Andersson on all things Intune
Adam the Automator More of a collection of articles which centers around Powershell and automation.
Jeff Gilbert Some really good topics particularly in Powershell and modern management
Rudy Ooms Rudy Ooms has so many good blog posts again it’s worth checking this page out
Anoop C Nair Another great collection of bloggers post here with topics covering the entire modern management stack with regular posts
Paul Winstanley As the name suggests this one of more weighted towards SCCM but still has some good guides on Intune and PowerShell to bookmark
Nicola Suter Another good blog and often contains some quite niche topics which are a good read
Jeff HicksAnother one for the Powershell fans out there from beginner to expert there is always something to learn
Dean CefolaAzure Academy YouTube channel which covers a lot on Azure, WVD/AVD
Ru CampbellCloud Conversations host whose blog has some good topics around Security
Daniel ChronlundBrilliant resources and tools on Conditional Access in this blog
Damien Van RobaeysSome brilliant proactive remediation scripts and ideas
Courtenay BernierThere are some really good tools created on this blog
Cloud Management CommunityAlready a lot of good videos on this YouTube channel definitely worth subscribing to
Alex DurantA good mix of Config Manager and Intune resources
MEM Tips and TricksRelatively new YouTube channel but well worth keeping an eye on
Cloud ConversationsA bit of a mixture of topics based around M365, security etc
MEM XperiencePodcast on MEM related topics on YouTube
Patch My PCNot just related to their product but some good Intune/ConfigMgr videos too
Namaste TechiesYouTube show from Harjit Dhaliwal and Anoop C Nair
Joymalya Basu RoyAn additional from one of the comments that I will be sure to check out

I know there is probably going to be some great blogs I’ve missed off this list so if there are any out there you think I should add to the list leave me a comment below or send me a message on Twitter @barberj66 and I’ll add to them.

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