This is a first attempt at a blog to give me somewhere to put my thoughts which may help my future self and to also share any thoughts and ideas which may help the wider IT community.

I’m James Barber and I’ve spent over 15 years now working in IT across many different areas and businesses. Typically my roles have all been centered around the SysAdmin arena looking after Servers (Physical and Virtual), networking, client computers, app deployment, telephony amongst other things. These companies have ranged in size from a few hundred users to several thousand.

My most recent position over the past two years has taken me away from my native UK home over to Norway to work for Jotun AS at their headquarters in Sandefjord, Vestfold. This job is as the Service Owner for End User Computing where I am responsible for overseeing the management of over 15,000 devices globally consisting of Windows 10, iOS and Android devices managed solely by Microsoft Intune. The community around MEM/Intune is really active and has been really helpful in picking up new skills and ideas which are used out there in the real world. This made me want to join in and add a small part back.

The content of this blog will be thoughts and content of my own and does not typically reflect what I would be working on at work but some ideas may gain inspiration from things I would use in the real world.

Also as with everything I’m still learning a lot so the way I present things may not always be best practice or the way things should be done so always perform your own testing before replicating anything I may talk about.